Margaret Owen Thorpe is a remarkable mind who weaves information into original, and often surprising, pictures and patterns. Yet she is no pedant. Rather, she comes from people who were "colorful" characters...always ready to spin a yarn.

Always, she has written what she sees, knows, and understands. People don't always "get it", but she writes it anyway.

Her work includes original commentary, feature stories about people and businesses, history, and practical guides. As a regular columnist for Ventures magazine (which folded in December 2001), she was featured as someone who "takes you beyond the boundaries of conventional business thinking."

She has, as they say -- been there, done that.

She was a developer, manager, and executive of government housing programs and of the many facets of county government. She worked in health care, as a market developer for a start-up company now ranked in the Fortune 500, and as a manager of a provider group.

She is an independent advisor, supporting companies in market understanding, and teaching entrepreneurs. She is a historian.

She holds a BA from the University of Southern California (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude) and an MA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Woodrow Wilson Fellow).